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We strongly encourage all existing Harmony users to switch to ColorFlow for calibration curve creation. There is no current requirement in Prinergy to switch, but because ColorFlow simplifies the creation and application of curves and brings the ability to align print conditions to modern standards like GRACoL or G7, we strongly recommend you start using ColorFlow for all future curve creation. 

There are a couple of current limitations to keep in mind when migrating from Harmony to ColorFlow. 

  1. You can import existing Harmony curves into ColorFlow, but if you don't intend to edit the existing curves there's no practical value to importing the curve into ColorFlow. For unedited Harmony curves, you can save yourself all the work of importing curves into ColorFlow and update all existing output Process Plans to ColorFlow Curve Source..

  2. Editing of imported Harmony Curves is limited, in that you cannot edit individual points of imported curves. But you can use Tonal Adjustment sliders to make overall changes to the curve shape and maintain curve smoothness.

  3. ColorFlow does not yet have the ability to do "solid cutbacks", as are commonly used in gravure imaging and screen printing. A solid cutback is the ability to set a maximum tone for solids, so that all solid areas get screened. If solid cutbacks are a requirement of some of your workflows, you will have to continue to use Harmony.

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