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It's not uncommon for Harmony databases to grow to hundreds of curves, many of them used only once to correct color on a print job long ago.

Bunk migration of process templates requires that you import all calibration curves to ColorFlow. After this process, Kodak recommends that you keep only those curves that are actively used in process templates for these reasons:

  • Due to changing press conditions, a Prinergy Tonal Control adjustment likely more effective for press color correction than an ancient Harmony curve. It also avoids proliferation.
  • If you need an imported Harmony curve that you deleted from ColorFlow, you can always import the curve again.

ColorFlow has provides two features to help you manage old Harmony curves.

Show in Prinergy Check Boxes

  1. When you import all Harmony curves into ColorFlow for bulk migration, Show in Prinergy Print Curves and the same control for plate curve use are cleared for all newly imported curves. Leave the check boxes cleared.
  2. When you run Prinergy's Migrate Process Template Curves tool, it directs ColorFlow Server to:
    • select Show in Prinergy Print Curves for all Print Curve selections in migrated process templates
    • select Show in Prinergy Plate Curves for all Plate Curve selections in migrated process templates
  3. After the migration operation:
    1. In the Print Curves tab, under the Harmony Curves section, click the Show in Prinergy Print Curves heading to sort the list of curves.
    2. Select and delete all curves that have Show in Prinergy Print Curves cleared.
      Note: It's possible that a curve selected for deletion is selected for the Plate Curve in a process template; see About Calibration Curve Types in Harmony, ColorFlow and Prinergy. If this condition occurs, the Delete Prinergy Plate Curve warning dialog appears. Click No or No to all to avoid an output failure with that process template. 
    3. Repeat the same process in the Plate Curves tab to delete curves not used by process templates.

Last Used Timestamp

  1. Each time Prinergy requests print and plate curves from ColorFlow Server, the server updates each curve's Last Used property, found in the Harmony Curves tables of the Print Curves and Plate Curves tabs respectively.
  2. After a few weeks of production with migrated Harmony curves, check curve usage by Prinergy:
    1. In the Print Curves tab, under the Harmony Curves section, click Show Plate and Film Calibration Curves.
           All types of imported Harmony curve appear in the table.
    2. Click the Last Used heading to sort the list of curves.
    3. Consider deleting all curves that have no Last Used timestamp; they have never been used by Prinergy.
    4. Consider deleting curves that have not been used in several weeks.

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