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In this section, you create a process template to output the TIFF files from the previous section to plates and add a second slugline that shows the date and time that the plate was actually made and the platesetter on which it was made.

You will simulate platemaking by outputting modified Prinergy VPS software files rather than actually burning plates.

  1. In the Prinergy Evo Client software, open the Process Template Editor and select the process template group in which you want to create your templates.
  2. From the File menu, select New Output from TIFF Template.
  3. In the Output To list, select Virtual Proof.
  4. Open the Layout section and select the follow settings:
    1. Media
      Size = Cut Sheet
      Max Width = 28 inch
      Max Height = 24 inch
    2. Slugline: Add a slugline.
      Slugline mark = Plate burned: $[compound_%Date%_at_%Time%_on_CTP_%Device%]
      Text size = 10 .0
      Place on media: 14.0 inch from left and 0.25 inch from bottom
  5. Open the File Delivery section and change Filename Template to ..\PlatesOut.
  6. Save the template in your selected group and give it an appropriate name such as Slugline-OutputPlates.
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