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This activity guide is intended for two types of users who will be using the Kodak Prinergy Evo Workflow software. It can function as:

  • A self-study guide for those who want to teach themselves how to use the Prinergy Evo Workflow software
  • Reference material for those who have taken the Evo training course and want to revisit their training on an as-needed basis

The objective of the guide is to help you become knowledgeable with the Prinergy Evo Workflow software and workflow and apply this knowledge to your own working environment. Working your way through the activities provides you with practical knowledge of the concepts and functions of the Evo software, including product information, terminology, user interface, processes, and standard workflows. 

To perform these activities, you must have access to a client workstation that has Prinergy Evo Workflow software installed and configured. Some of the activities are for Prinergy Evo licensed options. In order to perform those activities, you require access to a Prinergy Evo client workstation that is licensed to run those options.

If you do not yet have access to a Prinergy Evo Workflow Client workstation, you can use the Prinergy Evo CBT, found in Partner Place service and support portal Answer ID 6824 (requires login credentials) to start learning about the software.This active training tool introduces you to general concepts about Prinergy Evo, and lets you explore parts of the Prinergy Evo software. You can complete the computer-based training before Prinergy Evo Workflow is installed and come back to it for refresher training on specific topics.

Target audiences

  • Prepress operators
  • Proof or plate operators
  • Prepress system administrators
  • (Optional) Prepress manager
  • Customer service representative

Previous learning requirements

  • Basic prepress knowledge
  • Experience with other prepress software applications
  • System knowledge for the Mac OS and/or Microsoft Windows operating systems

Guiding principles

This learning guide embodies the following adult learning principles:

  • You learn through specific and measurable learning objectives.
  • You use conceptual ideas to provide clarity of the larger picture.
  • You complete hands-on practice to learn through doing.
  • You apply new knowledge to your own working environment.
  • You are responsible for your own learning.

Your role as the learner

To be an effective learner:

  • Plan how to balance the activities with your regular work responsibilities.
  • Prioritize what you want to learn.
  • Assemble your own sample job files to use during the study session to use as added practice.
  • Think about workflow issues specific to your site’s requirements and actively experiment with these issues during your study session.

We hope you find this guide useful, and we encourage you to use the Provide feedback link at the bottom of this page to send us your feedback. Your comments help us improve the quality of this training material.

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