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Who should complete this activity

  • Prepress operators working with Prinergy Evo systems licensed for the Output and TIFF Downloading options
  • System administrators working with Prinergy Evo systems licensed for the Output and TIFF Downloading options

Why you should complete this activity

A variable text slugline allows you to:

  • Add identifier text to the plate outside the press sheet area, when using a "press sheet size" imposition.
  • Add information to the plate that was not available when the TIFF was generated, when outputting a 1-bit TIFF file to plate.

Recommended reading

  • Prinergy Evo Workflow Client user guide for your version of Prinergy Evo Workflow software. Search for: 
    • Slugline Mark
    • Output from TIFF: Layout Options (also Output from Imposition: Layout Options, and Output from PDF: Layout Options)

    • Tell Me More about Variable Marks

Time required to complete this activity

15-30 minutes

What you'll learn

  • How to create a slugline to specify static and variable information on output
  • How to position a slugline on output

What you'll need

  • In the location to which you extracted the activity files, find the Activity 41 folder 
  • Have licenses for the Output and TIFF Downloading options on your Prinergy Evo system
  • Install the latest version of the Virtual Proofing System in the Evo Client computer.

What you'll do

  • Add a slugline to the output from an output from imposition, output from TIFF, or output from PDF process template.

  • Define variables for your slugline that will be replaced by Prinergy Evo when the process is run.

  • Create Prinergy VPS software files for output by Prinergy Evo TIFF Downloader. 

  • Use Prinergy VPS software to preview plate files before outputting them to a platesetter. 

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