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  1. In the Print Curves tab, under Calibration Curves, click the Add button .
  2. Add the print device and drag it to the viewer window. 
  3. Click the Properties icon  and define the device condition properties.
  4. Create a measurement chart and measure device output samples:
    1. Click the Measurement icon .
    2. Perform one of the following actions:
  5. Define the G7 calibration:
    1. Click the Calibration icon .
    2. If you want the curve to be visible in Prinergy, select the Show in Prinergy check box.
    3. Click the Process Inks tab and select G7.
    4. Optionally Click View Curves... to check the shape of the calibration curves. If the curve correction appears too aggressive in the 3/4-tone and shadow region, adjust the 3/4-tone Correction slider. This may occur if the 100% CMY patch has a strong cast.
    5. Click OK.

NoteIf the calibrated output device condition has extended process inks, they are calibrated to linear Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV) response. The curve method is renamed Gray Balance and Spot Color Tone Value.

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