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You can add a physical device used for printing, such as an offset printing press, a flexographic printing press, an inkjet printer, a digital press, and a halftone proofer.

  1. Click View > Devices or double-click the viewer window.
    The Devices dialog box appears showing all of the devices that have been defined for your shop.
  2. In the Device Name box, type a meaningful name for the device so that it can be identified.
  3. In the Device Type list, select the device type. The device type determines what types of properties can be associated with the device.
  4. Click Create.

The device you created does not contain any operating conditions, such as the paper, inks, and other parameters that it uses to print. Before you can determine the color response of this device, you must define its device condition. One device can be associated with many device conditions.


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