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You can print and measure the following P2P charts to characterize both tonal and gray balance responses:

  • P2P51 - i1iO or i1Pro
  • P2P51 - i1iSis or i1iO
  • P2P51 iSis mini
  • P2P25 - i1iO or i1Pro
  • P2P25Xa i1iSis
  1. In a device condition, click the Measurements icon  next to a device.
  2. In ColorFlow, in the Charts list of the Device Measurement dialog box, select the a P2P51 (recommended) or P2P25 chart that supports your X-Rite measurement device.
  3. Click Export and save the chart for printing.
  4. Print the measurement chart using Prinergy.
  5. Measure the chart.