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To find a JDF template, filter templates by attribute.

  1. Click Tools > JDF Template Manager.
  2. In the JDF Template Manager, click  to search by attribute.
    (To search by file path, click  .)
  3. If you want the results to match all the criteria, select all. If you want the results to match any of the criteria, select any.
  4. Select the following for each criteria:
      • Attribute (for example, Paper Size)
      • Operator (for example, is)
      • Attribute value (for example, Letter)

    To add a criteria, click +. To remove a criteria, click -.
    Search results are displayed in the window below the criteria.

  5. Select the JDF template that you want.
  6. If you need to make changes to the JDF template, click Edit, and make the changes in the associated JDF editor.
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