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You can use Outline Preview mode to select and edit paths and compound paths. The objects in the art board will be changed according to the modifications in the preview window.

Note: The outline preview mode can display only the Path and Compound Path in the Adobe Illustrator file. The Path and Compound Path to be displayed must be printable objects. Hidden objects and objects in non-printable layers cannot be previewed.

  1. To switch to the Outline Preview mode, select the Outline Preview option from the side menu in the Preview dialog box.

    When you switch to the Outline Preview mode, the functions offered in the left panel will no longer be available.  The six path editing tools outlined in the image will be available. From left to right, they are the select tool, pen tool, add anchor tool, delete anchor tool, convert anchor tool, and path editing tools.

    Path editing tools

    Use the path editing tools to modify the paths directly in the preview window.

    For example, create a desired path on the original artwork, showing the path to be edited.

    Pen tool

    Use the Pen tool to create a desired path on the original artwork.


    Selection tool

    Use the Selection tool to choose the created path, and then select the appropriate path editing tool (the Retract Tool should be selected in this case).

    To execute the operation, press Space + Mouse left clicking on blank area. 


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