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Ink Read and Ink Add

Update Ink Manager and Ink Mix will read all inks in Mix Manager.

  1. Adjust the percentages of the inks that are included in the mix.
  2. To add a mixed ink to the to the Swatch library, click the Add to Swatches button, or, from the side menu, select Add to Swatch.
  3. Select one mixed ink swatch from Mix Swatches, and double-click to open the ink for editing.  The Swatch Option window will appear, where you can edit the ink.
  4. Adjust percentages of the mixed inks.
  5. The name of the mixed color can be changed.

Ink Mixing for multi-appearance objects

  1. Select one or multiple objects that contain multiple appearance colors (which will look like color layers, when the object is selected and viewed in the Appearance palette).
  2. Adjust ink mixing percentage.
  3. If the Ink has CMYK and Spot color, you can click the Add to Swatch button to add the mixed ink to the Ink Mix Swatch.
  4. After adjusting, the effect will be applied to the object.
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