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New Features and Enhancements in 2.0

Prinergy Tools 2.0 Release adds these new features:

  • Consolidated Messages Panel preserves all application messages and allows you to disable modal pop-up messages requiring user action
  • Improved Interactive Trapping Tool
    • Can now use Trap Tickets to control all Trap parameters
  • Ability to Save and Apply Dot Calibration Tickets for standard application of curves, and ability to set the Rasterization Resolution when calibrating gradients
  • Ability to change ink order in Ink Manager using drag and drop 
  • The default name of Output PDF... file is now the original file name + _PT.pdf
  • Misregistration Simulation now supports up to three decimal places (eg .001 inch)
  • Option to set a Color Difference threshold when comparing objects between two documents in Preview (Eye tool)
  • Option to Convert Spot Colors to CMYK when comparing objects between two documents in Preview (Eye tool)

Bugs fixed in 2.0

  • PT-99: ArtPro PDFs not properly interpreted by Import PDF feature
  • PT-100: Layer data missing after Import PDF

Known bugs and limitations in 2.0

  • To have PDF layers recognized when imported by Import PDF, Esko PDFs must be created with Automation Engine 16 and above
  • If values are set for Dot Calibration and Bump, both values will get applied, even though only one value is selected.  You must set the unused value to 0 to prevent it from being applied.

  • PDFs containing Text objects tagged with Object Screening fail to Refine in Prinergy. If the text object is converted to outlines before applying Object Screening, the file will refine without an issue.

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