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  1. Launch Adobe Illustrator and open the document.
  2. In the Illustrator menu bar, go to the Window menu, and select Prinergy > Warp > Warp > Circular Grid

  3. In the Warp dialog box, set the parameters for the grid:

    Show GridSelect this check box to make the grids visible. Clear the check box to hide the grids.
    Show Scale/ Density Select the Show Scale check box and, in the Density box, type an appropriate number for the density scale.
    From TopThe default start position of distortion is from the bottom. To change the distortion start position to the top, select this check box.
    CreateClicking this button creates a source grid and destination grid according to these parameters.
    Convert to Path

    In order to check the destination grid you have created against the manufacturing specification for the packaging product, click this button to convert the destination grid to path, which can be printed.

    WarpClicking this button distorts the object based on the position of the selected artwork when placed on top of the source grid.
    Current Set

    If you have saved the current Warp Grid settings parameters as a parameters set, the name of the Current Set will appear here.
    You can save and manage Warp Grid Sets from the context menu in the top right-hand corner of the Warp settings panel.

    WidthSet the width of the source grid area.
    HeightSet the height of the source grid area
    DensitySet the width and height of a single cell from the source grid.
    WarpPositionSet the position of warp.
    ScaleSet the scale of the circular grid (destination grid).

  4. After setting the parameters, click Create to create the source grid and the destination grid.

  5. Select the artwork that requires warping, and position it over the source grid (the rectangular grid). 
    Only graphics positioned in the live area of the source grid will be moved to the destination grid. Any graphics outside the source grid will be clipped out of the destination grid. The following image shows the artwork positioned over the source grid.

  6. Click Warp.
    The Warp button is active only if your artwork is selected. When you click Warp, your artwork will be warped to fit the destination grid.
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