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Create a rule that uses the Split action to impose a proof for each input file and send an e-mail message to the CSR when each proof is ready.

What the rule does

Selects a PDF, refines it, assigns the pages to an imposition, makes an imposed proof, and notifies the CSR that the proof is ready.
The duration is set to one second, so one second after the refining starts on the first PDF, refining starts on the next PDF. Processing occurs almost in parallel.

Why it is useful

The CSR no longer needs to manually check Prinergy to see whether proofs are ready.

Events and actions used




Job Hot Folder Drop


Add Input Files
Refine Input File
Perform APA
Perform Imposition Output

Tip: In Rule Builder, you can search for a specific event or action by clicking anywhere on the Events, Flow, or Actions tabs, and typing the name.

Key parameters

Event or action


Perform Imposition Output

Process Template Path: Select the correct process template for the job


Items: Select the location of the input files
Items Per Group: The default is one
Per Group Delay: The default is one


To: Type the CSR's e-mail address
Subject: Type a message to appear on the subject line of the e-mail (for example, Proof is ready)

Where to enable it

This rule is suitable for enabling either in specific jobs or across the system.

See also

Creating  a basic rule

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