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Use the Delete Files action to delete files—for example, to delete Prinergy VPS files when a job is completed.

  1. Open Rule Set Manager, and click New Rule Set.
  2. On the Events tab, drag an event to the workspace.
    For example, in Prinergy Events > Job Events > Job Changed Event > Job Status Changed, drag Job Completed to the workspace.
  3. On the Actions tab, in System Actions, drag Delete Files to the Action icon.
  4. Double-click the line between the event and action, set the parameters, and then click OK.
    Tip: You can use wild card characters in the File Path parameter. For example, to delete all of a job's VPS files, on the Event Properties tab, expand Job > Home, select Path Name, and click Add to List. Click the String tab, type Proofs\*.vps after the existing text, and click OK.
  5. Save, close, and enable the rule set.
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