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You can choose to move a document to a press' planning area. In the planning area, prioritize the documents that are to be printed based on your criteria, whether the criteria is type of paper, binding, due date, and so on.

  1. Select one or more documents, and select Documents > Plan for Press.
    Tip: You can also right-click the document(s) and click Plan for Press, or click the Plan icon.
    The document appears on the Planned tab of the target digital press.
  2. In the Presses pane, click the targeted digital press, for example NexPress 2.
  3. In the target press' view, sort the documents to print in the order that you want, using the arrows on the right of the pane.

If you want to remove the document from the planning area, and move it back to the Ready to Print state, select the document and select Documents > Remove from Plan.
When you are ready to print the documents in the planning area, you must submit the documents to press.

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