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You must submit documents to press in order to queue them for printing. If you planned some documents, they must be submitted to press before they are printed.

You can submit a document from a DocList or from a planning area for the press.

  • Select the document or documents that you want to submit, and then select Documents > Submit to Press.
    The documents appear on the Active tab of the digital press that was selected.

Important: For the HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server and the HP SmartStream Onboard Print Server front ends, if you want to send a document directly to the active queue for the press (instead of the holding queue), the document must use the HP Rip and Print JDF template. Alternatively, edit the selected JDF template so that the activation attribute appears as JDF/@Activation="Active".

If you want to remove the document from the press, select the document while it is in the On Press or Post Press state, and select Documents > Remove from Press.

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