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The Digital Direct window allows you to work with different lists that help you to organize documents for print runs.

The Digital Direct window has two views:

  • Document view—this view displays document lists and helps you to track documents. When you start Digital Direct, a list of all documents is displayed.
  • Press view—this view displays press information and helps you to organize documents for the selected digital press.

Click objects on the left side of the Digital Direct window to control the view which is displayed in the right side of the window. The left side contains the following areas:

  • Presses—displays digital presses that have been configured for your workflow. The press status icons depend on the digital press type. Click a press to see the press view.
  • Smart DocLists—displays document lists that are automatically populated based on a set of criteria. Some Smart DocLists are provided, but you can create your own. Click a Smart DocList or static DocList to see the document view.
  • DocLists—displays document lists that you create and populate manually

For more information about the press view, see Press view.
For information about using document lists, see DocLists.

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