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Use the press view window to view the status of a digital press and organize documents that you want to print.
When you select a press, the press view appears in the right side of the window with the following types of information. The information displayed depends on the digital press type.



Media and Ink Status
This section is not available for all press types.

The media section lists the types of paper that are loaded for the press. The media icons indicate if the media type is full (green), low or empty (red).
The ink icons indicate if the ink type is full, low or empty.

Press Status

The Press Status icon indicates whether a press is operational (green) or is offline (red).


The capacity bar at the bottom of the window indicates how long it will take to print the documents that you have planned.
To set the capacity (for example, for shift length), click the button at the right of the capacity bar.
When the planned documents can be printed within the time capacity, the bar is green; when the planned documents exceed the time capacity, the bar is red.
To override the default printing speed of a digital press for print duration calculations, double-click a press in the document view.

Document status tabs

To help you manage documents, the following tabs show you the status of your documents. The tabs that are displayed depend on the type of digital press selected:

  • Planned tab—displays a list of documents that you plan to submit to the press in the next print run.
    If you want to review all of the information about a document, click the Inspect button.
  • Active tab—after a document is submitted, it becomes an active document. You can view the progress of the document as it is being printed.
  • Done or Storage tab—after a document is finished printing it is displayed in the Done or Storage tab, depending on the type of press that you have.
  • Submitted tab—the Submitted tab is displayed when you are submitting documents to a digital press using hot folders. If using hot folders, a document appears in the Submitted tab after it is submitted to the press.
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