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Use DocLists and Smart DocLists to help you organize documents.
You can create as many document lists as you need to organize your documents into groups that are most meaningful to you. Any document list that you create is available to any user on the system.

The left side of the Digital Direct window displays:

  • Smart DocLists—document lists that are automatically populated based on a set of criteria. For example, you can define a Smart DocList for all of the documents that can be printed using only a particular specialty media or printed by a certain digital press, or you can define one for all documents that must be shipped by a certain date. Because Smart DocLists use specific criteria to determine which documents to include in the list, you can't manually add or delete documents.
  • DocLists—displays document lists that you create and populate manually. For example, you can create a DocList to group a random collection of documents that you want to print. The number of documents in a DocList never increases automatically: you have to manually add and delete documents.

The following Smart DocLists are provided with Digital Direct and cannot be deleted from the system:

  • All Documents—shows all documents that are in the system. Any document that has been created using Digital Submit is automatically added to this list. When you start Digital Direct, this list is displayed.
  • Ready to Print—shows all documents that are not yet printed and that have been assigned to a digital front end.
    Important: This list does not contain documents that have not been assigned to a digital press (untargeted documents).
  • Not Targeted—shows all documents that have not been assigned to a digital press.
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