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Two utilities stored in the Preps application folders are available to migrate your settings and templates from an older version of Preps to the current one. Both utilities are stored in the Preps 9\Utilities folder.

Preps Migration Utility - 64 bit compatibility coming soon.

To migrate configuration settings, run the Preps Migration Utility, found in the Preps Utilities folder.

The Preps Migration Utility automatically copies templates, marks, SmartMarks, device setups (custom page sizes, punch locations, and so on), profiles, passwords, and text-mark fonts from your current installation of Preps to your new installation. It can also be used to standardize Preps settings on each imposition workstation in your shop. A user guide is included in the zip file. 

For more information, see the Preps Migration Utility User Guide (also available in your Preps 9\Utilities\Preps Migration Utility folder).


Preps Template Migration Utility

To perform a batch conversion of jobs and templates created in Preps 5 and earlier, run the Preps Template Migration Utility, found in the Preps Utilities folder.

This utility provides a method for batch converting older templates and jobs for use in Preps 9. The utility updates the internal structure of existing template files and checks for internal naming conformity. If you don't perform a batch conversion, Preps will automatically convert a job/template when you open it. It can also convert static marks to internal SmartMarks. 

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