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The folders containing the Virtual Proofing System files will be found one level up from the folder Originals which contained the input file. In each of the folders created by the job, you will find four Virtual Proofing System files. For each of the folders, use this procedure to analyze the files.

  1. Open the folder and select all the .vps files.
  2. Open the files in Virtual Proofing System.
  3. In Virtual Proofing System, select the Densitometer tool. 
  4. Scroll and zoom to each control strip in turn so that you can see the 50% area clearly.
  5. Use the Densitometer tool to draw a square completely enclosed in the upper 50% swatch of the control strip. 
  6. For each swatch, compare the value you read with the Densitometer against the expected values in the tables below. 

Activity 40-A-None_None

This output has neither a plate curve nor a print curve applied. All output should be nominal.

Control strip12345
Expected value50%50%50%50%50%
Measured value____%____%____%____%____%

Activity 40-B-None_80

This output has no plate curve and the 80% print curve applied. The imposition content should be calibrated. The Evo Sheet and Page marks are set to calibrate. One Preps mark should be uncalibrated as described above.

Control strip12345
Expected value40%40%40%50%40%
Measured value____%____%____%____%____%

Activity 40-C-60_None

This output has the 60% plate curve and no print curve applied. All output should be cut back to 60% of nominal value. Since a Plate curve compensates for nonlinearity in the CTP device or the plate material, it is applied to all output regardless of other settings.

Control strip12345
Expected value30%30%30%30%30%
Measured value____%____%____%____%____%

Activity 40-D-60_80

This output has the 60% plate curve and the 80% print curve applied. All output should be cut back to 60% of nominal value by the plate curve. Then a further cutback should be applied by the print curve to all output except the Preps mark set to have no calibration applied.

Control strip12345
Expected value24%24%24%30%24%
Measured value____%____%____%____%____%

Activity 40-E-60_80_NoMarks

This output has the 60% plate curve and the 80% print curve applied. This output is the same as above except that the Prinergy Evo sheet and page marks have been set to not calibrate. The plate curve should be applied to all output but the print curve should be applied only to page content and to the Preps mark set to allow calibration.

Control strip12345
Expected value24%30%30%30%24%
Measured value____%____%____%____%____%
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