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This job uses a workflow template to run the same input file through five different process templates. Five folders will be created, with each folder containing a set of Virtual Proofing System files with different calibration settings.

  1. Open the Prinergy Evo Client.
  2. Open the Template Browser window.
  3. Open the Activity 40 template group.
  4. Open a Windows Explorer window and locate the [JobData]\Activity 40\Originals folder. 
  5. Drag the Activity 40.pjtf file from Windows Explorer to the Activity 40 WT template in the Template Browser window. 
  6. In the Process Start window that opens, click GO.
  7. This job will start one workflow in View by Workflow and five processes in View by Process in the Process Viewer. Wait for these to complete.
    Processes should complete in about two minutes. 
  8. In Windows Explorer, you should now see five folders created by the job. 
    These contain the Virtual Proofing System files you will use for the rest of the activity.
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