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You can measure a chart for immediate export of measurement data to the file system. The measurement is not stored by ColorFlow or associated with any device condition or color output verification.

Before measuring a chart, you must export the chart from ColorFlow, print it, and allow sheets to dry so that color stabilizes. For inkjet printing technologies, wait at least 30 minutes before measuring a printed chart.

  1. Select View > Charts. In Measure Edition, this is the only view.
  2. In the Process Ink Set list, select the process inks of the chart.
  3. Select the chart you would like to measure and click Measure.
  4. Follow the measurement wizard to measure the chart.
  5. You can suspend measurement at many points in the measurement process. For automated devices, you can suspend measurement before any page measurement. For the X-Rite i1 Pro, you can suspend measurement prior to scanning any row of patches. 
    • To suspend measurement, click Suspend. The suspended measurement data set will not appear in the Measurements tab of WorkFlow Editions, since it is incomplete. If you close ColorFlow, your suspended measurement is retained. 

    • While you are measuring, all measurement data and information are automatically saved. If a system or power failure causes ColorFlow to quit unexpectedly, your measurements are retained as though you suspended the measurement session. 

    • To resume a suspended measurement, in the Charts list, select any chart and then click Measure
      ColorFlow will give you the option to resume the suspended measurement, or delete it and start a new measurement.

  6. Browse to the location where you want to save the measurement data set and click Save.
    The measurement data set is saved as a .cgt file, in CGATS.5 format.
    1. If you have measured multiple measurement conditions supported by your device, each measurement condition is saved to a separate file. 
    2. If you have measured multiple sheets, each sheet measurement is saved to a separate file.
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