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ColorFlow Measure edition is a standalone application for measuring print condition characterization charts and is compatible with the X-Rite i1Pro3 and i1iO3, i1iSsis, i1iSis XL and i1iSis2 XL spectrophotometers. ColorFlow Measure edition is available to all Prinergy workflow customers.

ColorFlow Measure is primarily intended for ColorFlow Workflow and Pro Workflow edition customers running within Kodak Managed Services (KMS) in Azure.

Due to communication delays with spectrophotometer interfaces in virtual environments, it has not proven feasible to connect a spectrophotometer to a ColorFlow client running on a Virtual Machine (VM) within a KMS environment. Additionally, it is not practical to run a ColorFlow Client on a local workstation for measurement in a KMS environment, because of unacceptable latency when communicating between the local ColorFlow Pro Workflow client and the ColorFlow database in the cloud. ColorFlow Measure edition is designed to enable streamlined measurement of charts on a local workstation, by removing the need to communicate with the main ColorFlow database. ColorFlow Measure allows you to create and measure charts offline, then save the measurements into a CGATS.5 file for import into a ColorFlow Pro client running under KMS.

In addition to KMS environments, ColorFlow Measure can be used to measure charts for Kodak Spotless Software (KSS) and older versions of ColorFlow which do not support the X-Rite i1Pro3 and i1iO3 spectrophotometers.

Measure Edition should be instantly familiar to ColorFlow Workflow users and consists of a single Charts panel. It allows users to create, export, print and measure charts, and export measurement files.

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