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If the PCO is discontinuous and the SCO uses a continuous, curve-controlled device condition, ColorFlow software calculates Gray Balance or Tonal Match conversion curves to exactly align the SCO color response to the PCO response across the entire tonal scale. 

When ColorFlow software calculates Tonal Match or Gray Balance conversion curves for a discontinuous SCO device condition, it is likely that the color response of the device condition in the highlight region is darker than the PCO response, unless the PCO is also discontinuous. Alternatives exist for controlling curve calculation in the Mindot and highlight region that depend on the PCO and SCO device condition color responses.

In these situations, the calculation of the SCO conversion curve is similar to PCO simulation curve calculations (described above), with the simulation target response for PCO simulation curve calculations replaced by the PCO response for SCO conversion curve calculations. The Allow Tint Out increase to improve color match and Highlight Contrast controls of the SCO device condition determine conversion curve calculation in these cases.

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