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If the PCO is discontinuous and you select a ColorFlow software-generated conversion DeviceLink method for an SCO, ColorFlow software calculates a DeviceLink that accurately reproduces the discontinuous PCO color response on the SCO device condition. The resulting DeviceLink is called a discontinuous DeviceLink.

Discontinuous DeviceLink input curves

The input curves of a discontinuous DeviceLink provide accurate simulation of the flexo discontinuity. They have a Mindot whose Tint In value equals that of discontinuous color response of the DeviceLink source; that is, the PCO response for SCO conversion DeviceLinks.

Note: Other than this Tint In value, the input curve Mindots do not reflect the color response of the DeviceLink source, nor any curves associated with it. For ColorFlow software-generated CMYK-input DeviceLinks, the input curve Mindot Tint Out values are equal to 6.25%. This is a reflection of the internal profile structure.

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