A Prinergy system can use Kodak PrintLink digital ink-profiling software to generate the preview data that is used by a press controller for setting up a print job. Instead of sending the preview data directly to the press controller, Prinergy can use Business Link ICS connectivity to send the data via the MIS. Depending on the format required by your MIS, you can configure a Prinergy final output process template to send the data in either the CIP3 PPF or the CIP4 JDF/PNG format.

Process template requirements for press preview data

The PrintLink area of the final output process template determines the format of the press preview data that Prinergy generates for the press controller.

Business Link does not use the location that you specify in the final output process template's Put Files in Directory option. Instead, it uses its own copies of the press preview files, which it references via file URLs in the JDF data that it sends to the MIS.
For PrintLink CIP4 JDF output:

For CIP3 PPF output:

Using a process template for press previews only

Configure a Prinergy process template that you can use when only PrintLink output is needed, and then map the process template to a virtual PrintLink material in Business Link.

You normally use one process template to print the final output to plate or film media and also to generate the PrintLink press preview data. At times, you might need to generate or regenerate only the previews for a job.

  1. In Prinergy Workshop, configure a final output process template for your desired PrintLink output format.
  2. On the Process Mapping tab, map your new process template to the virtual <PrintLink> material.
    This material is predefined in the Business Link Materials dialog box.
  3. Select this process template whenever you need only the press preview data.
    No physical material will be consumed or reported.

Note: For more information about Prinergy and PrintLink, see the Prinergy Workshop documentation.

MIS requirements for press previews

To initiate the collection of preview data, the MIS must provide a placeholder in the JDF job ticket for the preview data. In JDF terms, this request is provided in a Preview resource in the JDF FinalImaging or PlateMaking node.
Note: If the MIS does not request the press preview data, Business Link will not send it to the MIS.