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If two-way MIS connectivity is set up and activated, either the MIS or Prinergy can initiate jobs and job processes. JDF (Job Definition Format) data and messages can flow in either direction between the system servers, depending on the features that the MIS software supports.

When Business Link receives JDF data from an MIS, it stores the original file, creates a copy to use as the job's master JDF document, and forwards the necessary information to Prinergy for processing. The master document is updated whenever Prinergy notifies Business Link of changes in job status and details. Basic production data is also stored in the local database and can be used for built-in reports.
Note: Some features—such as the ability to initiate processes—might not be equally supported by all MIS software. Consult your MIS vendor for details.

The following points summarize the general data flow between an MIS and a Prinergy prepress system, via Business Link software:

The MIS starts a job.

To initiate a job, the MIS submits a JDF SubmitQueueEntry file that contains the job-ticket details in both standard JDF data and in Kodak CreoSynapseJobCreate JDF extensions. Kodak JDF extensions are optional and can be used to control the Prinergy-specific job-creation options.

Business Link sets up the job.

Business Link examines the JDF data to determine how many prepress jobs must be created to fulfill the requirements for the MIS job, based on the job-creation strategy that is configured in the Business Link Administration Client. If imposition data is detected, Business Link writes it to stripping files in the Prinergy job folder. Depending on the Administration Client setup and on the Kodak JDF extensions that the MIS provides, Business Link can Web-enable new jobs and designate the Prinergy template jobs to use.

Prinergy processes the job.

If specified in the JDF, Business Link schedules any processes that can be executed automatically. The Prinergy ImportAll process template ensures that the integrated Preps software processes any stripping files in the Prinergy job folder, and the resulting Preps impositions are imported into the Prinergy job. If the MIS supports workflow processing and can send JDF/JMF requests to initiate job processes, then the corresponding process templates are used to archive, purge, retrieve, export, or import the job.
Note: The ability to initiate processes might not be equally supported across different management information systems. Check with your MIS vendor for details.

Business Link updates the MIS.

As Business Link receives real-time processing information from Prinergy, it updates the job data in the JDFFiles shared folder, such as whenever input files are refined or plates are made. It then forwards that information to the MIS, depending on the subscriptions that the MIS registered.

If prepress initiates a job or a new job process.

Business Link can send a NewJDF command whenever a job is created in Prinergy or via the InSite Prepress Portal software. If the MIS supports NewJDF commands, it replies by sending a SubmitQueueEntry for the job, which establishes the mapping between the MIS and prepress jobs. Whenever the prepress handling of a job deviates from the original MIS job, and if the MIS supports JDF subscriptions for NewJDF signal updates, Business Link can also send NewJDF signals that inform the MIS of the change.

If a JDF file needs to be modified.

If a user has already submitted a JDF file to the queue and wants to make changes to layout and page metadata, it is possible to resubmit a modified JDF file. Business Link compares the new JDF file with the previous one, deletes any obsolete resources in the JDF (page sets, imposition plans, separations) and creates new ones, and merges any relevant information about processes that have already completed (and are still applicable) into the new JDF file.

If you need to create a page set without an imposition (in order to track a job by parts).

It is possible to create a page set without an imposition, based on data from the PrepressPreparation gray box JDF. The page set represents the various job parts that can occur within one MIS job and can be used to assign pages to them. This enables an MIS to track page level feedback in a job part context.

This workflow is optional and must be manually activated, by modifying the file so that When this workflow is active, the user must assign pages to the page set in order to trigger page level status and resource updates to the MIS. (Business Link will keep page level data in memory until the page is assigned to the page set and therefore the MIS job part.) For example, Business Link will not send signals for page approvals or page proofs until a page is assigned to the Prinergy page set.

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