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Use the Configuration tab to set up communication between the Business Link software and the Prinergy server, and to define where and how Prinergy creates and names the jobs.
Note: If the MIS uses Kodak JDF extensions for Business Link to provide values for the same options that you set in this panel, then the MIS values take precedence. For more information, see the MIS documentation.

  1. In the Administration Client, click the Configuration tab.
  2. Click the Prepress Workflow Connector triangle to expand the pane.
  3. In the Primary Server Name box, type the name or IP address of the Prinergy server.
    Note: If you are not using any form of JDF connectivity, and are using only production reporting, this is the only information that is required on this pane. Stop here.
  4. If you are using a form of JDF connectivity, set up the options to define how Business Link will create jobs in Prinergy, based on the MIS job data that Business Link receives.
    Note: Except for the job name format, settings that the MIS specifies in the JDF data take precedence over any settings that you specify in this dialog box.
  5. Click Save.
  6. On the Status tab, restart the connectors either now or when you finish setting up the Configuration tab.
    • If a connector is currently stopped, click Start.
    • If the connectors are currently running, click Stop, and then click Start.
  7. Click Refresh.
  8. On the Status tab, verify that the Prepress Workflow Connector triangle is green and that its current server state is Running.

When you finish setting up the Prepress Workflow Connector pane, go to MIS connector.

Prepress Workflow Connector configuration options

Primary Server Name

Type the name or IP address of the Prinergy primary server. Business Link automatically retrieves the current list of available process templates from the specified Prinergy server. If InSite is used, it also retrieves the list of InSite customers from the InSite server. 

Job Volume

Select or type the path to a valid Prinergy job-share folder. Prinergy will create jobs in this folder whenever the MIS does not specify a job volume. Note: The user account that is used to start the Business Link service must also exist on the server that hosts the job volume.

Workshop Group

Type the name of the Workshop group in which Prinergy is to create new jobs whenever the MIS does not specify a group. Prinergy Workshop uses groups to organize jobs. You can create groups and subgroups using a pipe symbol ( | ) to show the relationship. For example, typing New_Jobs|My new job creates a Workshop group called New_Jobs with the group My new job inside it.

Job Naming Format

Type the format that Prinergy is to use for naming new prepress jobs requested by the MIS. You can build the names using uppercase parameters for the MIS job name, job ID, and customer ID, was well as any literal text that you want to append or prepend to the job names. For details, see Prinergy job name format.

Default Template Job

Type or browse to select the Prinergy job that will be used by default as a template for a new job created by Business Link whenever a template job is not already specified in either of these locations:

  • The JDF from the MIS
  • The Customer Mapping tab

When you click the browse button [...], the Template Job Chooser appears, and you can locate and select a template job. This list of existing jobs is automatically retrieved from Prinergy when you install or restart Business Link, and you cannot edit it.

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