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Rules-Based Automation (RBA) is a framework for telling Prinergy (and other products) how to respond to certain events if or when they occur. Essentially, RBA can create an automated prepress workflow to improve the efficiency of routine tasks in your production workflow.

The following is a simple rule that performs a routine task:

Rules-Based Automation is a licensed software option for the Prinergy workflow system, and is suited for experienced Prinergy operators with a basic understanding of programming principles.

RBA lets you automate almost every step in a Prinergy workflow. To automate Prinergy workflow tasks, RBA provides the Prinergy system with instructions. In RBA, these instructions are called rules.

Instead of using Workshop to manually control Prinergy, you can use RBA rules to tell Prinergy how to complete routine tasks every time triggers, or events, occur. RBA can automate Workshop tasks and server tasks such as moving files and running scripts. RBA can also perform the following tasks:

  • Send e-mail
  • Schedule tasks
  • Make decisions based on data stored in a job
  • Interact with other products (InSite Prepress Portal, Kodak NexPress, InSite StoreFront, and so on)
  • Execute site-specific Visual Basic extensions
  • Integrate with third-party applications, such as local management information systems (MIS)
  • Read XML files to drive automation
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