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You must use JDF editing software to create a JDF template.
JDF editing software (such as Job Workflow Planner for NexPress front ends, CreoJT for Creo Color Servers, or HP Indigo JDF Ticket Creator (for HP SmartStream Production Pro Print Server and the HP SmartStream Onboard Print Server) must be installed.


  • Currently, only NexPress front ends, Creo Color Servers, and HP SmartStream Print Servers have editing software for JDF templates. Access to other JDF editing software will be provided as it becomes available.
  • There is no JDF editing software for the EFI Fiery front end. There is also no default template for EFI installed with Prinergy. You will need to create an EFI JDF template using the EFI software. 
  • Currently there is no JDF editing nor JDF creating software for the Konica Minolta front end. Konica Minolta provides a set of default JDF templates for common printing requirement.


  1. Select Tools > JDF Editors.
  2. In the JDF Editor Selection dialog box, select the JDF type that you want to edit, and click OK.
  3. Create a JDF template in the JDF editing software, and save the template to the following location—<server>\DigitalPrintTemplates.

Note: You may need to save the JDF template to a subfolder within this location.
Note: If you are on a Mac client computer that is connected to the server via AFP protocol, the JDF templates appear in AraxiHomeData:DigitalPrintTemplates on <server>.

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