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The Search Tool provides enhanced search functions for Adobe Illustrator. Search can be used to find all objects that match multiple parameters and conditions.

  1. Launch the Adobe Illustrator software and open the Adobe Illustrator document that you want to search.
  2. In the Illustrator menu bar, from the Window menu, select Prinergy Tools > Search.

    The Search window appears.

  3. Select a search option:
      • To find images with transparency including the linked images
      • To find objects according to selected conditions, select Search by OR Operation.

      • To find objects in selected areas, select Only Search in Selected Objects.

      • To clear all the selected conditions, click Reset.
      • To hide the search conditions, toggle Show Condition/Hide Condition to Hide.

  4. In the Display Selections section, the All Objects button selects all objects located by the search result. Use the arrows to navigate to the first. last, previous, or next object.

  5. When a single object is selected, select the Zoom In / Jump To option to isolate and examine it.
    The displayed object will be enlarged and displayed in the center of the view window. To display all the objects in the layout, clear the check box.
  6. Use the Ticket Setting section to save or open commonly-used search conditions in SRPT file format. The ticket can be used in both search and inspect operations.
    Note: All search options (Search by OR Operation or Only Search in Selected Objects ) can be saved, but search results and results from Zoom in/Jump to cannot be saved.
    You have three options:
    • Open: Select and import a saved ticket.
      You can select from the 10 most recent tickets.If the parameters of the imported ticket do not match the font and ink of the current document, a message appears, showing you the first ink and fonts of the current document.
    • Save
    • Save as
  7. Select the search filters. See the Search filters section below for more information about the options.
  8. In the Search window, click Find Objects.
    Search will find all the objects in the layout that match the search criteria.

Search filters

Before selecting one of the ink filters, update the Ink Manager.


  • An empty color cannot be dragged into the Adobe Illustrator Color Swatches.
  • If the ink of current selected object shows '?', Search will not read the ink mix color.
  • Ink Mix only supports flat tint and gradient objects.
  • AI Color refers to the current selected color in the Adobe Illustrator Swatches panel.

Ink & Color


Fill or stroke with the specified ink. You can specify ink percentage.

Stroke Ink

Stroke line with the specified ink. You can specify ink percentage.
If the line width of a stroked object is blank, this line cannot be found.

Fill InkFill with the specified inks. You can specify ink percentage.
Ink Number

Multi-ink objects. Image object does not support this function.

If the ink number of the object's fill or stroke meets the condition you specify, it will be found.

For a gradient object:

  • If the sum of the ink numbers between two stop points meets the condition, the gradient will be found.
  • If a gradient has several stop points, the system will get the sum of several ink numbers.
    For example, for a gradient with 3 stop points, where the sum of the ink numbers between stop point 1 and stop point 2 is 5, and the sum of the ink numbers between stop point 2 and stop point 3 is 8:
    • If the Ink Number value is 5, the gradient will not be found.
    • If the Ink Number value is 8, the gradient will be found.
Stroke Color

Stroke line with the specified color

Fill ColorFill with the specified color
K100 Object

Objects that include K100% color.

Definition of K100:

  1. K100% is shown in the color panel in gray mode.
  2. K100% is shown in the color panel in CMYK mode.
  3. K100% is shown in the swatch color panel of Adobe Illustrator. The color’s attribute must be print color.

An object is identified as K100 object if its K100% effect is created by the overprinting of several appearances whose opacities are all less than 100%.

Regarding objects with opacity set, only objects with 100% opacity are identified as K100 objects.

Objects that have two consecutive white color or K100% stop dots are identified as white color objects or K100 objects.

White Color Object

Any object with at least one appearance specified as white qualifies as a white object.

Definition of white color:

  1. C0M0Y0K0
  2. Any specified color percentage is 0%
  3. K percentage in gray mode is 0%
  4. c0m0y0k0 in Swatch (print color in attributes)

Note: 100% Specified white color is not included.

No Color ObjectAny object with no fill or no stroke value or color.
If a sub-element of an object qualifies as a no color object, then the whole object will be selected and displayed. 
Fill GradientObjects with gradient fills


OverprintFill or stroke with trapping
Opaque Ink (no-overprint)Fill or stroke without trapping

Dash can be found by searching dash in Adobe Illustrator or setting all dashes as 0.

Blend Object

Blended objects

PatternObjects with pattern styles
SymbolSymbol objects
BrushObjects with brush applied
Mesh ObjectMesh object
Live PaintObjects with the Live Paint effect
Pathfinder ObjectsObjects with Pathfinder applied but do not spread
Object with Miter LineObjects with miter line effect
Text with StrokeText with strokes applied
Text WrapObjects defined as Text Wrap objects
Mask ObjectObjects with mask
Open PathObject with open paths
Multi AppearanceObjects with multiple strokes or fills that equal or exceed 2
Fill Open PathFill open path without stroke
Locked ObjectsLocked objects in Adobe Illustrator layers. There are two search modes: Edit Envelope and Edit Contents.
Hidden Objects

Hidden objects in Adobe Illustrator layers

Foreign ArtForeign art in the current file
Art outside ArtboardObjects some parts or the whole part of which are outside the artboard.
Compound PathCompound Path in the current file
Group Object

Grouped object

Envelope ObjectObject defined as a Text Envelope
Empty TextStray text points or invisible text containers that are empty


Object with TransparencyIf selected, you can specify Opacity, Darken, Multiply, Color Burn, Lighten, Screen, Color Dodge, Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light, Difference, Exclusion, Hue, Saturation, Color, Luminosity
Opacity Mask ObjectObjects with opacity masks
Image with opacityimages with transparency including the linked images

Object with AI Effects

Objects with Adobe Illustrator special effects that were applied in the Illustrator Effects menu.

If selected, you can specify 3D, SVG Filters, Crop Marks, Path, Distort & Transform, Pathfinder, Rasterize, convert to Shape, Warp, and Stylize (Feather, Drop Shadow, Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Scribble, or Round Corners).

Object with PS Effects

Objects with Adobe Photoshop special effects applied.

If selected, you can specify Effect Gallery, Artistic, Sketch, Texture, Stylize, Pixelate, Brush Strokes, Video, Distort, or Blue (Gaussian Blur, Radial Blur, or Smart Blur).

Prinergy EffectIf selected, can specify special effects that were applied with the Prinergy Tools Noise Tool or Curves Tool .

Object Size Limit

Minimum width of the object bounding box should be in accordance with the specified criteria. This option can be used to search an isolated point. Options include:

  • Less than any value
  • Equal to 0
  • Less than or equal to any value
  • Equal to or exceed 0 to search objects whose Bounding Box meet W=0 and H=0
Distinguish objects within compound path

Based on the diagonal length of the Bounding Box of the object.

  • If you select the Distinguish objects within compound path option, you can find objects according to the compound path sub-object.
  • If you clear the Distinguish objects within compound path] option, you can find objects according to the compound path.
Stroke Width Limit
FontObjects with specified text type and text size can be found by only searching text type or searching both text type and text size. The text size check box will be available only when text objects are selected.
Font Size
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