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New Features and Enhancements in 2.60

Prinergy Tools 2.60 Release adds these new features:

  • Prinergy Tools 2.60.8 offers native support of M1 processor so you don't have to check on "Rosetta" to work with Prinergy Tools on Mac
  • Supports with Adobe Illustrator CC2022 (26.3.1)

  • Inspect tool - The saving option in the Preflight Parameter Ticket window has been changed from the panel list to the drop-down list
  • Warp
    1. New grid adjustment feature helps to select the entire row and the column
    2. Supports the "Decay rate" option when adjusting the warp grid
  • Search - Supports the image with transparency including the linked image

  • Mark - Smart Text mark supports with using XML file added customized text
  • Ink
    1. Option to choose the ink(s) for the compensation in Ink Compensation
    2. New feature "Extract Black" extracts single black from composite black object which helps to save inks
  • Trap
    1. Rich Black: Adds the item of "Pure" which only supports the selected ink
    2. Supports customized ink & the "Darken" method
    3. White Underprint: Supports customized ink & the "Darken" method
  • Barcodes
    1. Supports the magnification range from 25% to 200% (the recommended range is 80%-200% but it allows 25%-200% for some special occasion)
    2. Barcode EAN 13/ISSN/ISBN supports new addition of EAN-2 and EAN-5

Bugs fixed in 2.60

  • PT-124: Prinergy Tools Barcode add the 2 and 5 digit barcode add-on for EAN13 Barcodes
  • PT-126: Prinergy Tools option to create any barcode below 80% magnification

Known bugs and limitations in 2.60

  • To have PDF layers recognized when imported by Import PDF, Esko PDFs must be created with Automation Engine 16 and above
  • If values are set for Dot Calibration and Bump, both values will get applied, even though only one value is selected.  You must set the unused value to 0 to prevent it from being applied.

  • PDFs containing Text objects tagged with Object Screening fail to Refine in Prinergy. If the text object is converted to outlines before applying Object Screening, the file will refine without an issue.

  • Please note that from version 2.6, Prinergy Tools only supports AI CC2019 and above
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