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If banding appears in gradients or images, you can use the Noise Tool to remove them.

  1. Select the object you want to apply noise to.
  2. From the Effect menu, select Prinergy > Noise.

    The Noise dialog box appears.

  3. Set the parameters.
    • Resolution: Determine the degree of Noise detail.
    • Noise: Determine the size of tiny noise.
    • Type:

      No Blur

      Gauss Blur

      Average Blur

    • Range: Define the starting and ending tonal % where you want to apply noise.
    • Antialias: Set anti-aliasing to None to avoid gaps in the edges of adjacent objects.
    • Object: You can selectively add noise to only certain objects in a selection group, by selecting the type of objects.
    • Preview: Check Preview to see the appearance before Noise is applied. (Windows version only.)
  4. Click OK.
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