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Trapping is a printing technique in which adjacent printed colors are slightly overlapped to ensure that white space does not appear between the colors if there is mis-registration on press.

The goal of this activity is to use the Prinergy Tools Auto Trapping function to trap a file.

Task 1: Apply Auto Trapping to a file

  1. Launch the Adobe Illustrator application.
  2. Open this document:
  3. In the Illustrator menu bar, from the Window menu, select Prinergy ToolsTrap ToolAuto Trapping.

  4. In the Trap dialog box, from the Trap Ticket list, select Default.
  5. Click the Trap button: 
    If no objects have been selected, a message window will appear asking if you want to select all objects.
  6. To apply trapping to the entire file, click Yes.
    After trapping, a new trapping layer will be automatically generated, and the dialog box of the trapping color pairs will appear.
    When this dialog box appears, the automatic trapping has finished.

Task 2: View the trapped objects

To view the trapped objects, toggle the View icon  on and off in the Prinergy Trap-1 layer.

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