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The editorial and advertising departments of a publishing company have supplied two separate PDFs. They have requested that elements of the two files be merged together. You need to use Prinergy PDF Merge to combine these elements.
Note: If you didn't complete Scenario One, complete Tasks 1 and 2 (of Scenario One), before completing the following. Tasks 1 and 2 (of Scenario One) contain preparatory steps required for both scenarios in this activity.

Prinergy PDF Merge Background

Prinergy PDF Merge enables you to compare two PDF files, preserve objects from one file, and apply those objects to the other file. For example, suppose that you receive and trap a PDF file. You then receive a revised version of the file, which also needs to be trapped. However, you want to avoid having to retrap those objects that haven't changed between the original PDF file and the revised PDF file. In this case, you can use PDF Merge to identify which objects have and haven't changed between versions, preserve any traps from the original file that are associated with the objects common to both files, and apply those traps to the common objects in the revised file.

Add and refine input files

Note: Your instructor, the Kodak field support specialist, or your system administrator will supply a user name and password, and tell you which server and Prinergy volume to use.

  1. Right-click the Input Files pane and choose Add Input Files.
  2. In the Add Input Files dialog box, click the Job Folder button and locate: UserDefinedFolders/Input Files.
  3. Select the Editorial.pdf and Furniture Ad.pdf files.
  4. Click the Add Selected button to add the file to the Files to Add list.
  5. In the Options section of the Add Input Files dialog box, select the Process Selected Files Using Process Template check box. and use the process template: Refine > Refine > 1stRef-Normz.
  6. In the Add Input Files dialog box, click OK.
  7. In the Start Process dialog box, click OK.

Merge input files using Prinergy PDF Merge

  1. Open Editorial.p1.pdf in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Select View > Toolbars > Prinergy PDF Merge

  3. Move the toolbar to the desired position, for example, to the top or side of the Adobe Acrobat window.
    Note: In Acrobat X, you can also select View > Tools > Pluin PDF Merge and then select the Prinergy PDF Merge icon from the Plug-In Prinergy PDF Merge section of theTools panel on the right.
  4. On the PDF Merge toolbar, click Prinergy PDF Merge.
    • In Acrobat 8 or 9, you can also access Prinergy PDF Merge by selecting Advanced > Kodak Tools > Prinergy PDF Merge .
    • In Acrobat X, you can select View > Tools > Kodak Tools > Prinergy PDF Merge or select Plug-In Prinergy PDF Merge from the Tools panel on the right.
  5. In the Merge Content From File list, browse to: Jobs \ XX_PDF_Compare \ System\Sub-Pages\Furniture Ad.p1.pdf
    Click Open.
  6. In the Kodak Merge Documents dialog box, click the Merge button. A layers tab appears on the left side of the Adobe Acrobat window.
  7. Select the Discarded layer. This hides the Output layer.
  8. Using the pointer, drag a marquee around the image. A highlight color appears over the image.
  9. Click the Move to Output Layer button. The image disappears from the Discarded layer.
  10. Click the Output layer. Both the original Editorial and Advertising layers appear together.
  11. Click the Create Merge Output button.
  12. In the Select destination file for Merged objects section, choose Editorial.p1.pdf from the list. Click OK.
    Note: If you click the browse button, you will have to create a new PDF file and then refine the file in the Workshop as a new input file.
  13. Close the Editorial.p1.pdf page. Save the changes made to the page.
    If you choose to save the merge reference information, select Save As from the File menu,and save the file to XX_PDF_Compare UserDefinedFolders folder.
  14. To view revisions, generate a second refine on the Editorial.p1.pdf page. Use the process template: Refine > Refine > 1stRef-Normz.
  15. In the Pages pane, right-click the Editorial.p1.pdf file and choose the process template: Loose Page Output > Virtual Proof > Virtual Proof.LoosePage.
  16. In the Pages pane, right-click Editorial.p1.pdf and select Open VPS files.
  17. At the completion of the proofing process, quit Prinergy VPS.
  18. Close XX_PDF_Compare Job Manager.
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