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In this activity, you will learn how to change the settings of your original preset and save the changes.

  1. In Job Finder, open your job XX_Digital_Preset_2.
  2. In the Pages area, select all the pages of your job.
  3. Right-click the selected pages and from the menu that appears, select Send to Digital.
  4. From the list of digital devices that appears, select a digital device that has a 4-holes finisher.
  5. In the Digital Job Ticket Editor that appears, in the Preset list, select the preset that you created earlier, 2_Holes_20.

    Important: When you select a preset on a different device, all the settings associated with it are compared to the capabilities of the current device. If there are settings in the preset that are no longer valid for the current device, the preset will be placed in an Edited State by automatically changing invalid settings to valid default values. When a preset enters the Edited State, its name turns blue and is preceded by an asterisk.
    When there are mismatches between the preset that you selected, 2_Holes_20, and the the current device capabilities, you are also being notified of the differences. Preset Adjustments are displayed in the left side of the Digital Job Ticket Editor as soon as you select the preset.

  6. To view the settings differences, click the Preset Adjustments tab.

  7. In the list that appears, click Substrate.

  8. The Substrate tab appears, and the Substrate list displays the available substrates on the current device. 
  9. In the list, select A4 LEF engine.
  10. To save, the new settings in your preset, click    (located next to the Preset list).
  11. From the menu that appears, select Save Changes.
    Your preset, 2_Holes_20, has been updated with a new substrate.

    You can rename and delete presets. You can also reload the last-saved settings of a preset from the Prinergy server. This is extremely useful when more than one client is using the same presets at the same time.
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