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Prinergy for digital print

Prinergy for digital print is a production tool that schedules, submits, and monitors multiple documents in a digital printing environment. Prinergy for digital print works to prints documents on time and keep digital presses working to their full capacity.
Prinergy for digital print uses Digital Submit and Digital Direct to submit and manage documents moving through a digital workflow.

Digital Submit

Digital Submit is responsible for creating Prinergy jobs and uploading documents to be managed in Digital Direct.
Input files are dragged to either a target digital press or an automated production target (RBA rule) in Digital Submit. Job information is recorded in the New Job Submission dialog box; job name, quantity to print, JDF template/job ticket (contains print information), and submitted. Once submitted, a Prinergy job is created and input files and print information is uploaded to Digital Direct as documents. Documents are managed independently in Digital Direct.

Digital Direct

Digital Direct is used to organize, schedule, submit, and manage documents as they move through the digital printing process. Digital Direct sorts incoming documents, verifies which digital press the documents will print on, schedules when the documents will print, monitors the printing process, and updates the status of the printed documents.
Digital Direct communicates bi-directionally with JMF-enabled digital front ends to schedule jobs, monitor status, and keep production moving smoothly.

Prinergy digital workflow

Input files are submitted to a target digital press or target RBA rule in Digital Submit. The submission process creates a job in Prinergy and uploads documents to Digital Direct.
In Digital Direct, documents are:

  • Organized—sorted into groups
  • Planned—prioritized and scheduled
  • Submitted to press—monitored throughout printing process
  • Managed—reprinted, archived and/or removed
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