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Why you should complete this activity

The PDF Trap Editor is a Kodak plug-in for Adobe Acrobat software. Prinergy PDF Trap Editor lets you trap whole pages or selected objects, edit existing traps, set trap geometry, create keepaway traps, and add traps to a refined page in Adobe Acrobat.
This activity focuses on enabling the trap trimming feature.
This activity is important because it illustrates how to:

  • Use the PDF Trap Editor
  • Use trap trimming

Recommended reading

  • PDF Trap Editor Plug-in Help

What you'll need

For this activity you need to locate:

  • Prinergy Activity Practice Files /Act_42_Trap Trimming

The instructor or coach will provide you with the location of the practice files.

Note: This activity is optional.
The aim of activities 36 to 42 is to introduce and demonstrate the licensed Kodak PDF Trap Editor feature. Each activity is based on a particular scenario, and will provide the customer with an initial introduction to various options available as part of the PDF Trap Editor.

Consult the Trapper Help (available in Adobe Acrobat Help) to familiarize yourself with the various settings and procedures. Encourage the customer to consult this reference material as well, as it will provide additional support to them after the training session is over and they are working on their own.

If you skipped Activity 1, consult the Activity 1 Instructor's Notes for information about best practices for managing activity practice files during a training session. Activity 1 also contains important information related to the Prinergy client and server relationship, which could be helpful to the customer.

What you need to know

Trap trimming automatically clips traps that extend beyond the midpoint of the object receiving the trap. Trap trimming limits the thickness of the trap line when trapping to thin objects and prevents the trap line from "leaking" into another thin object, for example text. Trap trimming is use for offset and flexo, but mainly flexo work where trap lines are large.

Note: If you are completing this activity on your own or coaching others in your shop, copy the Prinergy Activity Practice Files folder (available on the Kodak Partner Place internet portal at directly to your workstation. For further information about these procedures, see Activity 1.

Process templates used:

  • Refine process template: Refine > Refine > 1st Ref-Normz
  • Refine process template: Refine > Refine > 2ndRef-MapColors