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Why you should complete this activity

This activity introduces advanced methods of using page sets with imposition plans.
This activity is important because it illustrates how to:

  • Use multiple imposition plans with one page set—Scenario 1
  • Step and repeat a page set to an imposition plan—Scenario 2

What you'll need

For this activity you need to locate:

  • Prinergy Activity Practice Files /Act_15_Page Sets Advanced

The instructor or coach will provide you with the location of the practice files.
Note: If you are completing this activity on your own or coaching others in your shop, copy the Prinergy Activity Practice Files folder (available on the Kodak Partner Place internet portal at directly to your workstation. For further information about these procedures, see Activity 1.
Note: This activity is recommended.
The aim of this activity is to demonstrate advanced methods of using page sets with multiple impositions plans and using page sets for step and repeat requirements.
Basic methods are covered in:

  • Activity 13 (Assign one page at a time/Assign all pages at one time/Assign pages to different page set positions/Assign pages to an imposition plan.

Further advanced methods are covered in:

  • Activity 14 (Manually add a page set/Assign Page to Position/Re-assign pages/Replace corrected PDF pages/Modify page set count)

As these procedures are considered to be used commonly throughout print shops, this activity is rated as recommended.
This activity contains two individual scenarios. Read over each scenario ahead of time to determine if the customer should complete both scenarios.
If the customer doesn't complete Scenario 1, have customer complete Tasks 1 and 2 of Scenario 1 before completing the following scenarios. Tasks 1 and 2 contain preparatory steps for all scenarios.
If you skipped Activity 1, consult the Activity 1 Instructor's Notes for information about best practices for managing activity practice files during a training session. Activity 1 also contains important information related to the Prinergy client and server relationship, which could be helpful to the customer.

What you need to know

One page set and multiple imposition plans

Once a page set is created and pages are assigned to it, you can import multiple imposition plans and link each imposition plan to the same page set. This enables you to easily assign the same pages to different imposition plans if you want to output the pages to multiple presses that each require a different imposition plan.

Process templates used:

  • Refine process template: Refine > Refine > 1st Ref-Normz
  • Imposition proof process template: Imposition Output > Virtual Proof > Virtual Proof.Imposed.600