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Why you should complete this activity

Now that you have created new jobs, you will learn about the different options to organize and display the jobs in the Manager window. You can use groups to display and manage your jobs. 

For example, if you produce a monthly magazine, you might want to create a group for it, and then, within that group, create a separate job for each issue of the magazine.

You can further organize your jobs by creating groups within groups. If you later decide to organize your jobs in a different way, you can move jobs between groups, move groups into other groups, and rename groups. You can also delete a group, if it is empty. Groups are not part of the folder structure that you can see in a file browser. They are part of the data structure inside Prinergy.

This activity is important because it illustrates how to organize your jobs in groups.

What you need to know

Managing jobs includes the following actions:

Find a job
If you want to open a job but are not sure of its exact name or its group, you can search for it using the Find Job dialog box.
If you know the exact name, you can type it in the search box located in the upper-right corner. If you don't know the exact name, you can use the "*" wild card in place of one or more letters. For example, if you search for magazine*, you will find all jobs that start with magazine.You can use multiple wild cards in the same search.

You can use uppercase or lowercase letters. Case does not matter in the search.
The search results display each job that matches your search and the group it is in.

You can use the advanced search. To do so, click the arrow on the right side of the search box, and define the criteria for the search.

When you select a job and click Open, the job opens.

Open a job
You can open a job from either Job Finder or Job Manager. You can open pre-jobs from Job Finder only.
Each job opens in a new Job Manager window. You can open several Job Manager windows at once.

Rename a job
You can rename pre-jobs, jobs, and groups in Job Finder. You cannot rename a job however, if any processes are in progress on elements of that job.
You can rename a job while the job is open in Job Manager, but the name change does not take effect in Job Manager until you close and reopen the job. You can still start processes in Job Manager when it is showing the old job name.

Move a group
You can move jobs and pre-jobs from one group to another.
You cannot move jobs and pre-jobs to other volumes. To move a job or pre-job to another volume or server, you must export or copy it.

Copy a job
You can copy jobs and pre-jobs in Job Finder to create new jobs on a different server that contain some or all of the job functions and attributes of the original job.

Destroy a job
If you never intend to finish or use a job or pre-job again, you can destroy it. You can select multiple jobs at a time to destroy with a single operation.

Important: Destroying a job or pre-job permanently deletes all files and information about the job or pre-job. You cannot retrieve it later.

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