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Enabled rule sets are rule sets that are actively 'listening' for events to occur. You can view enabled rule sets in several ways.

  1. To view enabled rule sets in Job Manager, in the Process Templates pane, expand Automation: Rules. The following rule sets are listed:
    • The All Jobs group contains enabled system rule sets.
    • The Job <job name> group contains enabled job rule sets.

    Disabled rules are not shown.
    Icons indicate the type of event that starts each rule set:




    Manual Trigger event


    Job Hot Folder Drop event


    Other events

  2. To view enabled rule sets in Rule Set Manager, view the Enabled Rule Sets list:
    • System rule sets appear in all cases. The word (System) appears after the name.
    • Job rule sets appear if Rule Set Manager is in a job environment. A number such as (1) appears after the name, indicating how many jobs the rule set is enabled in.
      If Rule Set Manager is in system environment, you can change it to the job environment by clicking the Change Environment button.

Tip: From Rule Set Manager, you can also select Tools > RBA Status > Enabled Rule Sets to see all enabled rule sets, whether they are enabled for jobs or for the system.


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