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Configure the Transfer Files and Send Remote Trigger actions in RBA, including where the files are sent and on what port.

  1. In Prinergy Administrator, select Tools > Configure RBA.
  2. Click the File Transfer tab.
  3. In the Transfer Destination Path box, type or locate the folder where Prinergy receives files that are transferred via RBA.
  4. In the Transfer Metadata Path box, type the name of or locate the folder where system files that track information about file transfers (such as which files are included and how many bytes of each file were sent) are stored.
  5. In the Time until incomplete uploads are deleted box, type the number of hours or days that you want Prinergy to keep files that were not successfully transferred.
  6. If you want to transfer files using a port other than 61236, type the port number in the Port box.
  7. If the Prinergy primary server has more than one network card, there is a Multi-homed Server Only box on the File Transfer tab. Type the IP address of the network card that will receive the files.
    Typically, the IP address is visible to the sender or has a specific bandwidth.
  8. Click OK.
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