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Set parameters by providing either static information or information from the event that triggered the action.

  1. In Rule Builder, create a rule.
  2. Double-click the action, or the line between the event and action, to open the Rule Parameters Editor tool.
    Each row in the table represents a parameter that can affect the action. Bold parameters are required. Red parameters are not set correctly.
  3. Locate the parameter that you want to set and in the Value column, click the row.
    The Browse button  appears.
  4. If you are setting a fixed value, type the text in the row and skip the following steps. For example, to set the To parameter of the Email action to a specific e-mail address, type the address.
  5. If you are setting a variable value, click  to open the Parameter Value dialog box. It has two or more tabs, depending on the parameter type.
      1. On the first tab, you can locate and select the files, templates, or values—whatever is appropriate for the parameter.
      2. If there is a String tab, you can type the value or modify the text that appears after you select a value on another tab.
        1. Example: The Error event of the Refine Input File action causes the Email action. You want to set the Subject parameter to identify the job and customer:
          1. On the String tab, type Refine warnings in job and then type a space.
          2. In the properties list, in Job, select Job Name, and click Insert Property. This adds the %triggerEvent.Job.Name% property.
          3. Type job for the customer, ensuring that a space appears before and after the phrase.
          4. In the properties list, in Job, select Customer Name, and click Insert Property. This adds the %triggerEvent.Job.CustomerName% property.
      3. If there is an Event Properties tab, you can select a property from an event that occurred earlier in the rule.
        Tip: When you create a rule set, customize the event names so that they are easier to find in the properties list.

    Note: If the Add to List button appears, the value can include more than one item. For each item that you want to use, select the item and click Add to List.

  6. Click OK to close the Parameter Value dialog box.
  7. Repeat this procedure for each parameter that you want to set or change.
  8. Click OK.

The Rule Parameters Editor tool closes.

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