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Create a rule that sends an e-mail message when an event occurs.


What the rule does

Notifies the customer service representative when an imposition proof is generated.

Why it is useful

Automatically notifies stakeholders when specific events occur. It is also useful for testing rules.

Events and actions used



Imposition Output OK


Tip: In Rule Builder, you can search for a specific event or action by clicking anywhere on the Events, Flow, or Actions tabs, and typing the name.

Key parameters

Event or action



To: Type the stakeholder's e-mail address.
Subject: Type a message to appear on the subject line of the e-mail (for example, Imposition proof is ready).
Body: (optional) You can use HTML for the body content.
Attachments: You can use wild card characters in the file name—for example, use *.vps to attach all of the virtual proofing files in the job folder.
To attach files in a specific directory, use the Files tab.
To attach files that relate to the triggering event on the Event Properties tab, in Home, select Path Name.
To attach the files generated by an output event on the Event Properties tab, in Home, select Output Files. For example, use this to attach Prinergy VPS files after the Imposition Output OK event.
To attach PDF files after a refine event (such as Page Refined OK) on the Event Properties tab, in Pages, select Files.

Where to enable it

This rule is suitable for enabling in specific jobs or across the system.

Other considerations

You must have RBA e-mail set up on the Prinergy primary server: select Tools > Configure RBA.

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