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Use RBA to copy or move files from one directory to another.


What the rule does

The rule notifies the customer service representative when an imposition proof is generated.

Why it is useful

This rule set is useful when you have two Prinergy systems on a wide area network (WAN), with PrintLink files, with job exports, and in many other situations.

Events and actions used



Surface Full

Perform Imposition Output
Copy Or Move Files

Tip: In Rule Builder, you can search for a specific event or action by clicking anywhere on the Events, Flow, or Actions tabs, and typing the name.

Key parameters

Event or action


Copy or Move Files

If you want to delete the files from their original location, set Do Move to True. If you want to copy the files without deleting the original files, set Do Move to False.
If you want to replace existing files of the same name, set Overwrite Existing to True. If you do not want to replace files of the same name, select False. You cannot control whether a directory replaces an existing directory.

Where to enable it

This rule is suitable for enabling in specific jobs or across the system.

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