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Create a rule that prepares a Storefront catalog item for output to a digital press.
What the rule does
The rule waits for InSite Storefront to change the the job status to Production. When that event occurs, Prinergy RBA does the following tasks:

  • Reads the Storefront order
  • Combines the content file and the XML order information into a document for digital printing
  • E-mails the prepress operator if either process fails

An operator can then submit the documents to the digital press queue, using the Prinergy Digital Direct software.
Why it is useful
Automates the production workflow for Storefront orders.
Events and actions used



Job Changed to Production

Read XML
Create Document

Key parameters

Event or action


Read XML

Schema Name: Select the name of the Storefront product.
File: Select Event Properties > Job > InSite Info > Intent > Path.
Validate: Leave the default of False.

Create Document

Digital Print Queue: Select the queue on the digital print controller.
JDF Template: Select the JDF template for the digital print settings (for example, print, ship, and due dates; shipping address, quantity, and so on).
Note: You may want to use tables to create the JDF settings based on the order.
JDF Intent: This parameter allows you to manually set the intent data, overriding one or more of the template settings.


To: The e-mail address of the operator who needs to be notified when a process fails.
Subject: Type a subject line to appear at the top of the e-mail.

Where to enable it
This rule is suitable for enabling in specific jobs. Create a separate rule set for each Storefront product.
Other considerations
The actions that you include in your Storefront rule depend on what type of Storefront product you are setting up: whether customers will upload print-ready files, order static items from a print catalog, order personalized items from a print catalog, or order non-print inventory items (such as T-shirts).

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