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You can use the Read XML action to gather information from other software, such as an e-commerce site or a management information system (MIS).

If you want Prinergy to read XML files generated by other software and to process jobs based on that information, do the following steps:

  1. Create or obtain a schema and add it to the Prinergy system using XML Schema Manager.
  2. Create a rule set.
  3. Use a Job Hot Folder Drop event to start the rule set.
  4. Add a Read XML action, set the parameters, and click OK.
    In the File row, click . On the Event Properties tab, in Hot Folder Path, select Directory Name.
  5. Add all of the subsequent actions that you want, such as the Add Input Files action, the Refine Input File action, and so on.
  6. Save, close, and enable the rule.
  7. Drop a sample XML file into the hot folder to test the rule.
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