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Open a rule set in Rule Builder to view or change the rule set.
Note: You cannot change a rule set if it is enabled. You must make your changes to a copy of the rule set, and then hot swap it with the enabled rule set.

  1. In Prinergy Job Finder or Job Manager, select Tools > Rule Set Manager.
  2. In the Rule Set Library list, expand the group that the rule set is in.
  3. Double-click the rule set to open it in Rule Builder.
    If the rule set is enabled or if it is read-only protected, a message appears. Click Open Copy to make a copy of the rule set that you can work with. Click Open Read Only to view the rule set without making changes.
  4. If the Description pane does not appear below the rule set in Rule Builder, select View > Show Description.

Tip: If the rule set is enabled, you can quickly open a read-only version from Job Manager. In the Process Templates pane, double-click the rule set.

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